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2015-2016 TEXAS MUFON Reports - With `Entity' Labeling By Submitter

Hello Texas - I've been updating some of my `State UFO Blogs' by searching the MUFON database for reports which include the self label by the submitter of `entity'. I've found by doing this repeatedly in other states - that the range of what I find when a report is self labeled `entity' - is beyond any normal idea of  `entities' or beings or aliens. I'll let the 18 reports speak for themselves... some with pictures and video.....will there be a smoking gun?
Alien TV shows - short non sensible report - no aliens
Summits 5 nonsense videos (I looked at 4, waste of time) - has paranoid story about the aliens coming in Dec. 2016 - reads like bad fiction... worse yet... claims to provide a YouTube address that didn't come up in repeated searches and about the ONLY thing worthwhile of the entire posting by the submitter is that at about the 10-14 second mark of the submitted video below... you see I assume the submitter and IMO she's one hot blonde. Lots of imagination and reflections IMO. No aliens.
Entire submission which includes before and after trail cam shots (each within 15 seconds of this picture) which seems to show a boxlike light of some sort.... could be anything. No aliens.
this account of 5 escalating incidents in 2015 and 2016 was good enough for me to blog at the above link on Strange UFO Stories. It's a good read.
a less than credible 2 sentences supposedly describing downloads into the brain and physical encounters
hyper strange... seemingly an TV Alf character... a parallel timeline... strange sounds and pictures (some submitted) on a cellphone... paranoia sounding.... one of the less than convincing pictures below:
another of the often reported ISS feeds that shows `probes' near the ISS - with picture shown below
a report taken by a MUFON investigator - all CAPS - claims of taking orb and disc pictures for years with LG camera - none submitted.
a less than convincing `they're in the house' type of report with no description of the entities and no pictures, etc. Evidently has previously reported abductions to MUFON too.
I've decided to print the entire paranoid report below - IMO - most of these folks blend the orb experience into something all together something different.

For several weeks now I have been outside in my yard and just before dark you can see several large mass surrounded by gas descending from the clouds to the roof of houses. When landing shooting off a spark of light and then movement on the houses and dark mass hovering near houses. The shapes and movement is distorted by the dark gas. In the sky you can see multiple ufos surrounding the area of Waco. The UFO shoots off a laser as if acknowledging what is there on the roofs. You can here the loud noise high pitch noise whine. You can feel the heat of something touching you, you can see the movement dark orbs being used as lasers. I have several burns on my head and body and I have major hair loss the gas that is being brought here makes my body swell. I have damage to my ears and a white substance that keeps caking up my ears, and feel it is being pushed down my throat thru my ear canal. Makes me sick. I feel a lot of pressure in my head and body as if my head if being hit, or shoved or embedded. I have a lot of odd scars 5 dots in a circle and dot in center. You can hear the talking stating they are not here to support us, they are here to damage any way they can stopping our way of life. I have woke up to see a dark mass of gas in my face and leaves all the sudden.. I have damage to my teeth something is carving my teeth, burning my head. I have seen a alien or large object ascend to the clouds with wings, looked very similar to hang gliding gear, disappearing behind a cloud you could tell something was waiting in the cloud. I feel the orbs are being remotely controlled and hovering near doors hiding in gas and entering into my home when a door is open. I have a new house and there is a lot of odd damage from heat on my walls and doors and flooring dings and nicks and scratches melted paint and seals which should not be there. My head is being abused every day non stop talking and high pitched noise. You can see the orbs hidden in gas moving in the house. It is all very intelligently guided. they talk a lot about every thing about humans. I feel more familys have been damaged not just mine. Anyway needed to let you know they landing on houses and entering the houses very mean way. Using orbs, black in color depends on how much dark gas that have brought with them. I have heard noise on top of my house went outside in the middle of night to see a dark shrouded alien white face large eyes looking down at me I tried to talk just stared at me. Seemed .. worried I new they were there.
The submitter also sent in files - I couldn't open two of them and gave up.
You are welcome to try this one yourself as I haven't... IF you find something worth while... comment.

Oh... this was the first version of there report told to MUFON in February 2015 - oh my.
A beyond nonsensical report of `they are hiding among us' - I'll include it for the  mild laugh. Of course there are no pictures.
Long Description of Sighting Report
We were doing a routine walking exercise on the Katy Trail, a city trail in Dallas TX. We came upon a couple of aliens dressed in human wears. We first noticed them as aliens because they were walking mildly unusually, and they were wearing costumes and wigs but did not look like they were going to the theatre or a party. Instead it looked like they were trying to look like humans. But what really caught our eye was how they were looking around and appeared to be trying to blend in. At first we thought they were humans. We felt uncomfortable and mildly a nerved They did seem friendly but definitely not from this planet. It looked like if they were humans then they belonged in a madhouse. Further we could see any of their skin except on their faces. BTW, it was in the upper 90s today, so the clothing was not appropriate for warm blooded creatures. A quick description of the female. She was about 5'4", wearing a long read wig that had the bangs pinned on the side giving her a youthful look. She had heavy eye makeup on. She was wearing a long sleeve and long pant outfit with bright designs on it. She was attractive. We didn't get a good look at the man.
less than convincing TWO sentence (run on to the max) report about a tall black entity in the bathroom.... yeah.. right.
eight foot tall being with horselike legs barely avoided by two cars on road close to submitters home.... two sentence report.
one of those RED orbs often reported on July 4th that seem to have no explanation 
nine sentence report, non specific entity other than flew over them after BEING SHOT by them with a deer rifle.... over the top indeed. I wonder if MUFON ever checked out the `piece left behind'.?
alien being in residence that turned into red-orange ball of light when beckoned from the bedroom by voice .... has 2 implants.... yeah, right.
Pretty Amazing How 18 Reports Can Simply Be So Unsupported.... Isn't It?
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