Sunday, February 16, 2014

Morning Recurring Tubelike Orb In Huntsville - WITH 'Screaming Animal' Sound Too? - (Pictures of Orb - Latest MUFON Reports)

It's very rare to have animal sounds associated with an Orb event - if anything the opposite is more true as the words ' unnatural silence' is more common. That said, Bigfoots can be associated with sounds and UFOs.

Morning Orb Reported 1/27 and 2/14

...The morning of Febraury 14 at approximately 6:30a, the same object. The same location. The same white on top, blue ring and amber bottom. 
This morning, there was some loud "animal" screaming in the National Forest when I first saw it. 
We watched it until the sun came up when it was still visible and then clouds rolled in and covered it... much as they did in the first sighting.... 
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There's at least two other `Texas UFO' accounts in the archive!
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Very Interesting 'UFO' Video 1/30/14 From Austin - Latest MUFON Reports

About the only thing that makes 'sense' would be a Robocopter (RC).... but, you'd think that these guys might be able to hear that too. IF it is an Orb (UFO) then it is one of the very first to EVER capture an Ascension. The report would seem to indicate multiple ascension and subsequent dives... RC or WOW.
(full report above)
....We sat and watched it for approximately 1 minutes go from left to right a few times then stop and hover. I made a joke " wave at the aliens " and immediately after that it descended rapidly to the ground. We ran to get our phones and when we came back out it was doing some crazy zig zagging. The rest is on video.....
(Strong Language)
Video One
And, Video Two
What do you think Texas?
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