Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New 2014 Stephenville Videos Emerge Of Anomalous Blue Flashing Lights

`They zipped across the sky. Made a diamond shape then vanished'

The Report (event 11/9)
On Saturday (11-9-2014) around 6pm some friends came over to my house to pick me up coz my truck was in the shop. We stayed out at their house till 8:30, 8:45. We travelled NE along the Lingleville Hwy (Hwy 8), turning onto Sully Court. Dead ahead of us were blue lights in the sky. There was no way we could not have seem them. At first there was just one but we quickly observed a second then a third and finally a fourth. The first one held its position in the sky. Numbers two and three joined the first, making something of a triangle. We turned off Sully Court onto Davis Ave then turned onto Moonlight Trl. We quickly drove to my house and stopped in the driveway, exiting the vehicle rapidly. As the fourth light caught up to the first three, it joined them, making the shape of a diamond in the sky. Then, they simply vanished.
It certainly isn't of the caliber of the 2008 events but it is of interest as anomalous Orbs tend to gather in one place with some frequency. Please dig into the archive for other Texas UFO reports.
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